Footprints and legacies can be hard to form. Sometimes the world takes you in a completely different direction from where you want to go.

Let me explain. Imagine you went to school. Chose a four year course in the spur of the moment not knowing who you are or what you want to become. You chose out of the thought that it won’t matter what you do. I mean very few people end up doing what they study for.

Two years down the line you found your passion. It came late and there’s no looking back. You decide to stick with the course as you do what you truly want. Multi tasking can’t be that hard right.

However, the passion grows and all the other activities feel like a hindrance. You have less time for your passions and it is stressful. You want to drop everything. Telling yourself everything will be okay. I mean you believe in yourself and you know you won’t stop until you reach your goal.

Reach for the Stars

You truly want to burn every boat but there’s a lot at stake. Too many people to disappoint. Hell you feel like hiding just to thrive on what you feel is truly yours. Avoid the critics and the million lectures from family and friends. Everyone thinking you are crazy. Letting go of something safe. Something guaranteed to take a risk.

It can be constricting to dream a dream while chasing a different reality trying to be patient enough to finish the study you are on just so you can reach for the Stars and fly higher than limits reach.


Dreams that burn your bones. Dreams that stress through your pores, that make your heart beat faster, louder. Dreams that make you restless.

You are left wondering if you should quit to chase your dream leave footprints that will teach your predecessor to go after their passions or values or should you cower to pressure. Be patient not sure if when you are done you will pursue your dream or succumb to more pressure from the ones you love and be imprisoned by regrets of what could have been.

Chasing your dreams

Choose the path that leads to your happiness. Everyone lives their lives separate from yours. The world may abandon you now but when you succeed, you will once again be the pride they want to be associated with. Choose your path. If you have no direction, don’t stray from the path you have been raised on. You will fall on your own, alone. Leave the path only when you know you are ready and sure.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. -Roy T. Bennett.

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