Dos and Don’t of Valentines Day

The month of love has finally arrived and as always ladies, some of you are about to be disappointed big time.

Some, well the lucky few who actually get more than they expected. Well let’s just say alot of people envy you.

So here are some does and don’t for Valentine’s day.

First things first, The Venue. Guys, please do not take a lady out to a fast food joint that she probably goes to daily. I don’t care how broke you are.

Valentines day

It is cheaper to make her a nice home cooked meal and I don’t know. Set up some candles set the mood. Fast food restaurant or places you know she frequents are a no go zone. Try something different. Take her for a picnic at night or a weekend away to a peaceful place. Try something out of the box.

Ladies on the other hand try lower your expectations. You might end up missing out on an amazing night because you’re hung up on a trip to Fiji.


The second thing you need to remember is roses aren’t the only kind of flowers out there. I mean we have red carnations which are cheaper by the way, orchids. They last longer than roses and damn do they scream exotic. My personal favorite would be peonies. They have this fairytale feel to them.

For the ladies. Don’t expect him to make a big deal out of Valentine’s day like you. Men don’t tend to be all mushy and sentimental about this holiday. I mean I get it. Do we actually treat our men for Valentines day? Hell if he got a PS 5 on the 14th. Valentine would probably be one of his favorite holidays. I get it’s a ladies holiday but don’t make it all about you. Compromise.

Next thing you need to know is Valentines day comes with goodies. Sexy lingeries, cute undies. I mean you don’t need a man to buy these things. Just get one for yourself. Feel sexy.

Take care of what you eat. Things like garlic and onions can leave your mouth smelling. It ruins the mood. He probably won’t lean in for a kiss at the end of the day.

Ofcourse the biggest mistake any guy could make is to forget about the holiday. Plan ahead. Look for substitutes of packed restaurants. Make an early reservation. Oh and don’t forget, you might not be together on that day but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a belated Valentine.

Lastly, dress up. Feel sexy. Go out and make other men jealous. A sexy woman is confident. You’re a mood girl. Don’t sit around sulking because you are all alone. Don’t spend the night on that sofa watching chick flicks or Hallmark movies. Heck go live them.

Hit him with your car and fall in love. I mean it’s Valentines. Anything can happen. Cupid is granting wishes. ♥️