Letting go of the past.

Past, letting go of the past

When we think of the past, we think of the best memories trying to surpress the worst ones. For some we only see the worst unsure if you had any good.

You see, the past is a mirror to show you how far you have come, how far you have run. Though sometimes we can get lost in the past and it becomes hard to see the future.

Now the past is holding you back. You constantly think of the glory days or the myriad regrets, thinking of the million things you could have done different maybe then your now could be better.

You keep living life looking back ashamed of who you are, how you turned out to be, a failure, because you didn’t listen to your dad, a drug addict because you blamed yourself for a death, a sadist, depressed, hating yourself for circumstances you cannot change.

Circumstances if you chose to see different you would realize changed you, they made you stronger less gullible. You need to stop living looking back, you cannot do anything to change the past, but you can live a better future so as to leave a better past.

Some of us had better pasts and the future looks kind of crappy and you wish you could have never grown up probably win the pagent a couple more times, act more movies be great, be know not a joke like you are now.

Still, what good is it to live in the past? Yeah these achievements built your credentials but a lost opportunity doesn’t mean you lost what made you special. You do not need a judge to tell you you’re beautiful or you act with an unparalleled passion.

You need to see it in yourself. You need to believe in yourself and get off that couch hit the gym and start your race for greatness again. It might take a week or a month or a year maybe even two but giving up is admitting you were never great in the first place. You were just a method actor in your life. A scam.

You need to forgive yourself for the past that came about from your choices. Forgive yourself for the things you can not change and live for the things you can. Most of the time when we look at our past we think of the people we let down, the people we can not see again because we believe that they can not forgive us. You know, time heals all wounds. You’ve been away so long that they probably worry about you more than they care for what you did.

They probably forgave you, you just have to say you’re sorry. Don’t be afraid. Take the step to heal. In the end you will realize, the forgiveness you needed was not theirs but yours. You need to forgive yourself to move on. You need to forgive yourself but do not forget the lesson. The past is all about the lessons, we learn and adapt, no need to get stuck there. If you can not let go, find a pillar. Mine is God. Find a pillar to pull you out and remind you, you’re much more than this. You are worthy.

The past is not holding you back, you are holding on to your past. ~Amanda Ray~

Be the change you need. Take a step. Rewrite the future to make it different from your past. What use is there to bring your horrid past to the generation you are breeding. Why drag them into your unhappiness instead of giving them a chance to have a greater past and an even better future.

Face what is holding you back head on and burn that boat. If you must, let go of the memory just move on. You are just a decision away from creating a better past. Start now. Make it worth remembering.


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