Burn the boats.

Have you ever been stuck going round in circles chasing a dream that never starts. Then you decide to settle for the open options. A desk job working long hours hating what you do. Living a depressed life. As long as the bills are paid right?

Yeah. I know that feeling. You feel stuck in your head and you blame it on doubt and fear. You never seem to begin only dream and time seems to be flying by. You always wake up saying I’ll start tomorrow. You even make a schedule then tomorrow comes, something happens. You have an endless pile of documents and books to go through and they are needed now rather than later. So you put it off. So sure tomorrow you will get a chance to start.

You are afraid of starting because you are afraid of failing. Fear can be a powerful force. If utilized well it could lead to greatness. If you let it control you. You sure as hell better stop dreaming.

It is okay to be afraid. It makes you careful. It makes you paranoid enough to watch your steps but letting fear control you backs you into a corner and your dreams will be collecting dust at the back of your head always wondering what could have been if you just took a step.

You need to realize that all great people didn’t start out dreaming and then bam. They succeeded. They started out failing a couple hundred times. Failed inventions, stolen ideas, risky investments and damn did they feel like giving up. Losing everything can demoralize you but they didn’t quit. They set their mind out to a life where they could be masters of fates.

My father always told me when you feel like quiting burn the boat. Never have a back up option to go back to. It’s a trap. When the going gets tough don’t look back and say atleast I still have my corporate job.

Be like Hernan Cortes when he took his men to Mexico to capture what was said to be a magnificent treasure in 1519. He burned their boats to emphasize to his men that there is no going back and in that moment he cut off all hopes of looking back and retreating. It took them two years to conquer Aztec Empire.

This is psychological. It’s like adrenaline kicking in when you know you are about to die. Their level of commitment changed because the only way out is through.

Point is, the fall back plan is what is holding you back. Be bold enough to remove the training wheels. Cut off that safety net.

The only way to succeed is to have no other option but success. Cross the start line then destroy the way back. Do not look back just trust your instincts and God ofcourse.

My advice, Start Already. Be Determined and Confident. Take a risk and be resilient. You never know what will happen until you take the first step.

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