The fun in playing.

I spent the day reading about sports and how they helped create who we are today. It got me thinking about my childhood. I didn’t grow up with much but I grew up happy.

I was happy waking up every morning running through dust clouds chasing after my friends playing a game of tap.

I must have fallen about a hundred times. Some days I cried. Some days I tried to act tough, strong. I wanted the other kids to think that I was a tough one. I guess it had something to do with wanting to be a cool kid. An alpha female.

It built character. I was always determined to be first.

Games like hop scotch and Kati were my favorite though. I mean come on. Kati was where wife instinct kicked in. You would do what you saw your mum doing and how she took care of your dad and just for a few hours you were her.

Then we would play hide and seek. Hiding near the post so that we could be first to tap the post so you wouldn’t be tapped out.

It was fun. Creating distinct memories. I mean we have forgotten so much from our childhoods but the memories we made with our friends, the bonds we made. Those are the things we remember. How they made us feel.

I guess that’s what sports is all about. Forming a bond with someone else. Living crazy and care free.

Having no regrets at that moment. All you care about is winning and celebrating together with your friends.

It was fun being a kid. We played so many different games that indirectly made us resilient though all we wanted to do was say hello another day. Run around another day. Hoping to meet new friends and just like that you would play like you knew each other since birth.

That’s the fun of sports I guess. Meeting new people learning new cultures creating new experiences. It is like going to war and all you have is your team and you knew at heart you would do anything to stand by them another day. They were family.

Even as we grew up, the feeling remained. The adrenaline rising and you refusing to give up. The anxiety before a game that would be drowned out when the whistle blew and all you had was just your team to get you through. For me that’s the fun in playing. The team.

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