Dear Men,

Bragging about your job on the first day we meet before I ask, doesn’t mean I’ll fall head over heels for you and even if i ask, talking endless about the little you make without asking me about my goals and dreams, brushing me off like i am so insignificant drives me to ignore you.

To be Honest it is really disrespectful. Do you sit back and see a woman who is unkempt or poor that you feel the need to express that you earn money like the only kind of men we need in life are sponsors?

Secondly, what happened to society that old men can now confidently approach young women and ask them out as if we are age mates . Is it that you view women as objects of sexual gratification that even your child becomes prey instead of cub and we hear cases of raped eight year olds by uncles and fathers as if the world has always been so vile.

Some women do not care that your emblem shows that you drive an expensive car. If I showed you mine you’d probably take two steps back because then you’d be left speechless that women do make money and some have fathers who spoil them even when they are 70 married and successful.

You show no respect for women or their intelligence. You fear a woman in power so much that you try to tear her down or break her. If you ask me i would say this is why we have abusive marriages. Men wanting power and the fear of a woman leading drives rage that Sparks anger and you let your demons show as you try to suppress her confidence. Telling her she is nothing without you.

Women need to realize that they threaten men and though they were created and made subjective to them, without respect is he really worth it?

These men who know nothing about you yet they call daily endlessly as if they have a right to own you. You block them they get another number. You try to erase them yet they still pop up over and over admitting to a love that you find unfounded because how can you love a face you have never met? You probably talked only once when you asked who was calling and you hung up uninterested and now he is in love and daily calling and texting endless messages starting with baby or honey pops, my queen cake like you are being forced into a relationship? like even the names you are using are unattractive. I mean names like those come from experiences you share only then do they become cute.

Men It is understandable. You dared to love and were shut out but why instead of admitting defeat do you let your emotions run deep and you take it upon yourself to play God and judge a woman’s fate. Do not think we have forgotten about the “my dress my choice” scandals but now you have moved one step up to murder. I guess the scales have really shifted. Why else would you give your wife 28 stab wounds. Is it really all about power?

The question I pose is this, is it men like our husbands and fathers who go after young women,dating their son’s girlfriends, leaving their wives behind chasing skirt after skirt unsatisfied that teach our sons it is okay to never respect a woman?

Is it sponsors that made our sons killers and our daughters prostitutes that now even she doesn’t see the value in keeping herself pure.

Don’t get me wrong. I blame women too. The girls who give themselves not out of need but out of desire to be wasted and enjoy fruits they do not have to work for. Women who I am sorry to say, legalize the sex trade for under age kids by advertising the fruits of exploitation and manipulation and acting as if life couldn’t get better to young kids, being role models to a life model kids should not pursue.

However, I do not blame all men some are good, they listen, they are passionate, they love sincerely and respectfully. I blame the few who do not see a woman’s need for space. those who think only of themselves. Today my message is respect like trust is a two way street. Do not lose a woman who could carry you on her back crawling for desires that even when well watered can never be fully satisfied.

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