Permissible Love

Love is the most over used word in the English vocabulary. It is what we say when we want something. It is a word we use but rarely diffuse.

To us, love is the emotion that overflows when we meet someone. It is the emotion you can’t scribble because you can’t describe what you do not understand and sadly you become a poet who ran out of words.

To you it feels like you have been two world apart for too long and now fate brought you together and it’s like fairytales do exist.

Then comes the fall, slowly words remain unsaid and you are left grasping at a single strand of hope but as time speeds by all you remember are the different colours his memory portrays and eventually even that seems like a glimpse in the dark that soon siezes to exist and now you are strangers.

To others, love is a tale told by idiot for people to find hope in but still there is a void in its meaning.

We claim to have found love when we find attention. We claim it is real but we know we are just living in excuses. We don’t really find love until it is love linked to Grace.

Yes love is bold and it is kind. Love breeds patience, the richest kind. All this is a burst of essence from his glory combined. Love is not really permissible when he watches from behind.

So put him first and let him lead otherwise you will love for all the wrong reasons. You will hurt for all the right reasons. Lessons you will learn hard because you refused to listen now look you have chosen man over his divine counsel. So be careful if you feel a miss listen better he’s the voice you tend to miss.

Choose the path narrow even if it is a tight squeeze. Rewards you will reap when your heart is at peace and by your side is a complete set of ribs. You and him. Just like he intended it to be.

So listen carefully. Don’t be afraid to break a heart. Choose your soul not your lust.

You have spent years dreaming of the perfect love. Don’t settle until that is where your heart falls last.

There are many ways of breaking hearts. Stories were full of hearts being broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away it’s dream, whatever that dream may be.
~Pearl Syndenstricker Buck ~