The Forgotten Santa

It’s that time of year again. The time closest to magic events. It is the time we scheme and plan our goals. You Know, create timelines of events we hope will come to pass, you probably get down on your knees one too many times to make up for a year of silence as God waits for you to ask but you brush off every circumstance telling yourself NEVER GIVE UP or just NEVER SAY NEVER as if you can create miracles and make the Impossible possible on your own.

I get it though. Life can be really busy so you forget to give thanks but as always when greed comes knocking on your door and you crave more, you find time to get on your knees.

You forget to give praise and honour. You forget to break bread yet you claim you are so holy. You forget that one prayer at dinner and your kids just like you forget that bedtime starts with Thanksgiving and repentance.

You forget to ask for forgiveness and now, during the season of miracles you dare to remember. I wonder is it for riches and blessings that you go to church or is it to worship and honor God for happiness that I’m sure you lack because you only see where greed drives you never where your heart thrives with you.

You work hours for days and months just to get a simple pay and get by so unhappy. Instead of utilizing a resource called faith by just getting on our knees to believe and chase your dreams.

So my question is why work years for millions just to sit back lonely waiting for death’s grasp instead of having fun in a field you love, changing the world through passionate desire and finally settling in the end having done everything you dreamed of awaiting death happier alive to reap rewards only sown in deaths bed.

So why do we forget? Why not teach our kids that God is Santa Claus instead of a man in red carrying gifts that they never receive only to realize when they are older that they were being scammed just to live with good behavior.

I mean it is not wrong to want our kids to grow obedient but why not teach of miracles that impact wisdom and laughter.

Why not teach faith and that in prayer they will receive. Why not teach what matters most. Why fabricate lies instead of teaching the truth that they will remain with all their lives?


  1. Wise words… It is shame that we only kneel to pray when we need God’s help and intervention and never remember to say thanks for the gift of life. When we achieve greatness we thud our chests and thank ourselves for the hard work forgetting He who enabled us to achieve….. What a shame….. we should do better and teach our kids God’s path….. The true path….

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  2. “Why not teach our kids that God is Santa Claus instead of a man in red carrying gifts” Wow, this quote right here got me thinking a lot… You are wise, blessed one


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