A Deed Undenied

I woke up one morning. I had a dream about disrespect. Fell for a boy with evil intent. Pampered but fake loved to a single extent.

Take me home, force your hand. Dry my tears as you drain my health. Say I am pretty but to fuel your thirst. Push it deeper because the pain is your lust!

I would yell and scream but you would numb me with a thrust. “Let me go” words that serves as a gasp. You’d Rob me of my virginity just so you would feel a little power.

The neighbors would scorn and blame me but that meant only a night in jail for you! The legal system would enslave me.

I’d be a victim in mind but to the world you did no such crime. When you are done you would laugh and say you are sorry but my disgust would tell a different story.

Curled up in a corner contemplating my sexuality. A knife at hand and a Bible at heart. A choice to die or change my society. One final prayer…heaven with one last breathe.

A deed that defined my self worth. A story once told, would never go undenied.

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