Sweet Sorrow.

I hope you don’t mind but it seems I got lost in wonder. A sunset later, words like chocolate coated roses, I couldn’t hold back as my eyes gleamed with wonder, my heart so excited, I couldn’t contain the happy misfortune.

What happens when you fall in love with words miles from your shore!! Putting our fates in the characters we admire in our hopeless romantic movies. Let’s dive into imagination as we become the stars of one of those wonders.

I always knew from beginning loving blind was frictional. Longing sorrows of arms around me, teary meadows of imaginations arising, yet even in my misfortunes, I can’t help but feel a sense deeper each time you say hello.

And I can’t stop my eyes from reaching through your soul, I’d be falling in love with the unknown! In my sadness your face is all I would see, in my loneliness your smile would make me bright world’s apart!! I’d be lost in wonder, an illusion of your making! And it would be hard to wake up, and I’d be thinking am I that much of a fool or is it just choice not to awaken…

I’d be stuck in your bitter sweet sorrow!! A romeo tale with Juliet a steep fleet of flying illusions that I know you try to reach but you’re stuck frustrated by lasting sweetness none existent, no hope due to experience, no one to match your extra zeal, for love that’s unbound by appeal. So I’d be stuck watching you wonder, looking for juliet in all strips of ancient and new found lovers, one day you’ll stop, I’ll hope you’ll have found what makes your heart yonder!!

I’ll hope I won’t be gone, faded, beaten down torn by time from your existence, because I’d dream of the steps back when you wonder if I was the one you passed by in your desperate haze to make the fondness in your heart a reality.

Until then, I’d die over in my sweet sorrow, hoping, waiting, Wondering what ghost hides me from your sight, is it the ghost of lovers past or is it the future awaiting a boomerang of one of cupid’s fallen arrows.